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Help!! My child drank my perfume ! What should I do now ??

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Dated : 04/14/2003
Hello Avid Perfume Lovers,

Step One :

  Do Not Panic!! This is the toughest step of all. Just remember, you are the only defense on site that the child has against any possible harm. So calm down and tell yourself "This is not as bad as it looks."

Step Two :

  Post this number in bold letters around the house

1(800) 222-1222

This number will connect you to your nearest American Association of Poison Control Center. What you need to know before you call up this number is
  • How old the child is?
  • Have the perfume bottle or packing handy. Don't rely on memory to describe what the fragrance looks like and what is its chemical composition.
  • How much perfume did the child consume ?
If you do not get an immediate response from the above number, call up 911 in USA and calmly explain what happened.

Most of the perfumes, fragrances and colognes contain SD Alcohol 40B, dipropylene glycol and benzyl benzoate. SD Alcohol 40B helps make fragrance very distasteful and thus prevents misuse or accidental ingestion of the product by children. However, cheap perfume brands or immitations or knockoffs might not have such preventive chemicals and thus they can be harmful.

What You Should Not Do :

  When faced with this or similar situation, you should avoid doing any of these -
  • Take any such incident casually and expect the child's immune system to fight it out. Most of the perfumes and fragrances contain antioxidants, which your child's body cannot fight by itself.
  • Scream or yell at the child for swallowing half of your expensive Quelque Fleurs. This will only further terrify the child and he/she will refuse to tell you what they are actually feeling in side their bodies.
  • Force the child to vomit it out. This will not help since you do not know what the chemical composition is of any particular perfume. Forced vomiting might end up damaging the child's esophagus.

Important Perfume Poisoning Tips :

  Some Important things to remember during such crisis -
  • Keep talking to the child and ensure that the child is fully conscious of his/her whereabouts. If the child feels drowsy, it can be a reaction to the alcohol content in the fragrance. Make sure that the child is awake and fully conscious until help arrives.
  • If the child feels like vomiting or throwing up, do not stop him/her from doing so. However, don't give the child salt and water to help him/her vomit. If its not a normal body reaction, don't tell the body what to do.
  • Check for possible signs of child breaking out in sweat, lips turning purple or his skin turning pale. If any of these symptoms begin to appear, call 911 again and inform them. Once they hang up, you may even call up your general physican or pediatrics specialist for assistance.


  As an adult, it is your responsibility to remember the following things ALL the time.
  • Keep all poisonous items and medicines out of the reach of your children.
  • Never keep their medicines and other similar looking perfume bottles or other chemicals close to each other. This might confuse the child to believe that both tbe bottles are probabaly medicine.
  • Always explain what each bottle and signs on the bottle are to your children. Do not assume that he/she is too young to understand.
  • Never pretend to drink or swallow any item in front of the children that is not safely edible. Children are very good at imitating and will follow what their elders do, without thinking about the possible consequences of their action.

Conclusion :

  Always be careful and watchful when you have young kids around the house. These young lives are very precious and it is our responsibility to ensure their safety. I believe no parent ever wants to "not care" for their children. However, mistakes happen all the time. And we should always be prepared to face such incidents.

God Bless Us All.
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